Profiles of Excellence: A Tapestry of Remarkable Individuals

New Delhi (India), January 24: Presented by Mumbai-based Grisu Media Arts in collaboration with Gora Foundation’s research team, this compilation unveils a fascinating array of profiles, each representing a unique journey and contribution in their respective fields.

From distinguished astrologers and successful authors to visionary business leaders and spirited youth, this collection showcases the diverse accomplishments of each personality:

– Nehal VRK: Inspiring She 2020 awardee and Counseling India Counselor

– Snehal R. Singh: Publisher, Best Selling Author, and Coach

– Gautaam Borah: Author, Corporate Leader, and Spiritual Activist

– Astro Hemant (Amit Kumar Wadhwa): Seasoned Lal Kitab astrologer

– Snigdha Palaparthi: Architect and Debut Novelist

– Siddharth Mehta: Entrepreneur and Founder of Digifine Academy

– Sunny Raman Chhabra: Income Tax Inspector and Novelist

– Aarushie Kakar: Tarot Reader and Vedic Astrologer

– Shuchi Batra: Poet and Best Selling Author

– Aaditya Sengupta Dhar: 15-year-old Published Author and Cricket Enthusiast

Embark on a journey through the diverse and remarkable achievements of these exceptional individuals.

Nehal VRK

Nehal VRK, a Parenting Author, Philanthropist, and prominent Student Counselor in South Delhi, is on a steadfast mission to provide solutions to all student problems and navigate their academic journey and career in the correct direction. Fueled by a profound determination for education and awareness, she emerges as a catalyst for change, offering crucial insights into the arena of academic results. Through her 20-year journey as the founder of Udaan Children Welfare Association, she has proved her dedication and vision by facilitating social and emotional solutions to the students. Her Instagram platform, PurpleNest By Nehal, and websites in the name of Nehal VRK showcase her journey of being the author of two parenting books and the mother of two IITians. Her weekly free counseling calls reflect genuine compassion, ensuring support for those in need, irrespective of financial constraints. Nehal’s all-embracing approach, inclination towards the betterment of society, and a desire to give the best to India’s students, PurpleNest By Nehal puts forth a ray of hope and presents nationwide awareness, understanding, and support for students.

Snehal R. Singh

Snehal R. Singh, Publisher & Founder of Mind Spirit Works Publishing, Alignment & Business Coach, 12X Best Selling Author, Writer’s Coach, Podcaster, and international Speaker, is on a mission to sow the seed of “Abundance” in the minds of people she connects with, inspiring them to live fully, authentically, and passionately. Her intention is to inspire and help as many writers and authors get their message to their target audience. As the founder of Mind Spirit Works, Shel is a brand in herself and is known for her work in the coaching and training field. She has collaborated with authors and life coaches nationwide and internationally. She has created/co-created 4 Bestseller Book Series like Coach Wisdom Vol I & II, The Ca111ng, The Gift of the Universe, and The Shakti Awakening. She has helped 497+ authors write their first book, whereas MSW has published more than 67 books with a 100% Bestselling ratio in the last 3 years.

Gautaam Borah

Gautaam Borah is a Master’s graduate from Oxford, a published author, and a Corporate Leader. He is the acclaimed author of two well-received books, “Nalanda” (Fiction) and “Monetising Innovation,” published by Bloomsbury. In the corporate world, he has held senior roles such as Country Head Quality, Country Deployment Lead Business Transformation, Vice President (Customer Operations) at Vodafone India, and Assistant Director at the Ministry of Industry. Currently, he serves as a Director in an eCommerce start-up and is a Board Member of CX Network, London. He is also a Spiritual Activist, having spent years with Monks in various Ashrams. Along this journey, he has developed himself as a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Pranic Healer, Clinical Hypnotherapist, etc. Currently, he is dedicated to translating Ancient Indian Wisdom into Modern Solutions, collaborating with leading Vedic and Yoga experts.

Amit Kumar Wadhwa /Astro Hemant

Amit Kumar Wadhwa also known as Astro Hemant, an esteemed Lal Kitab astrologer, boasts over 13 years of dedicated experience, serving as a guiding light for over 1,00,000 individuals and achieving an exceptional success rate exceeding 95%. His expansive expertise covers a broad spectrum of concerns, including Relationship Challenges, Personal Dilemmas, Financial Hurdles, Employment Queries, Family Matters, Vastu Consultations, and Childbirth Concerns. Committed to delivering comprehensive astrological solutions, Astro Hemant generously shares his profound insights across various social media channels. You can connect with him on Instagram (, where transformative astrological wisdom unfolds. Navigate life’s complexities with Astro Hemant as he empowers individuals to embrace clarity and navigate their unique journeys with celestial guidance.

Snigdha Palaparthi

Snigdha Palaparthi, an Architect by profession and a Writer by passion, is an ardent movie lover and life enthusiast. With a fervent zest for life, she explores new territories and strives to be a lifelong learner. Soon after graduation, she began creating landscapes that harmonized functionality with aesthetics. Her inborn creativity and passion for storytelling manifested in her writings under the pen name MuseumPieceWritings. With her unique perspective and multifaceted background, Snigdha forges her own path in the literary landscape through her debut novel, ‘Friendship to Forevership,’ achieving a perfect balance of dialogue, description, and narration.

Siddharth Mehta

Siddharth Mehta’s journey started early, fueled by curiosity about how businesses work. Instead of following the crowd, he always looked ahead. Beginning with his family’s business, Siddharth later explored different roles in established companies, mastering the ins and outs of digital marketing. In 2018, with just Rs. 50,000, he kickstarted Digifine Academy of Digital Education, changing the game in how digital marketing is taught to newcomers. While others stuck to the usual like Google Ads and Facebook, Siddharth embraced the future—data analytics, programmatic, and OTT. Within a year, D.A.D.E. (Digifine Academy of Digital Education) not only broke even but also raked in a net profit of over Rs. 65 lakh. The growth hasn’t stopped; Digifine now stands tall with a valuation exceeding 45 Crore. Siddharth’s journey is a reminder that thinking ahead and embracing change can turn a small investment into something extraordinary. Keep looking forward!

Sunny Raman Chhabra

Sunny Raman Chhabra, an Inspector in Income Tax with a diverse professional background, emerges as a multifaceted individual driven by a passion for storytelling. His journey, spanning roles in LIC of India and State Bank of India, enriches his debut fiction novel, inviting readers on a captivating exploration. The narrative delves into the profound question of life’s intricacies, exploring the interplay between destiny and freewill. Chhabra’s protagonist, a young and talented millennial, grapples with life-altering decisions that reshape his path. “Rewind and Unwind” serves as a compelling tale, prompting reflection on the central character’s journey and the timeless debate surrounding destiny and freewill. Chhabra eagerly awaits readers’ valuable opinions on this exploration of choices and consequences.

Aarushie Kakar

Aarushie Kakar, a versatile practitioner, wears multiple hats as a Tarot Reader, Numerologist, Vedic Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Spiritual Counselor, and Psychic. Leveraging her expertise in Astrology, Numerology, Color Therapy, Mantras, and Vastu, she offers holistic solutions to help individuals destress and navigate life’s challenges. Aarushie’s Psychic Readings provide profound insights, while her remedies encompass a spectrum of esoteric practices. Using the Tarot Cycle, she illuminates specific fruitful years in one’s life. Aarushie’s guidance leads individuals towards an enlightened future, breaking free from the shackles of misfortune and fostering a path to wellbeing and fulfillment.

Shuchi Batra

Shuchi Batra, a poetic prodigy since the age of 8, has transformed her passion into a literary phenomenon. In just 15 months, her poetry page blossomed to 100k followers. Breaking conventions, her debut novel, “A Million Times Over,” a poetic love story, became an Amazon best-seller, selling 2500 copies. Shuchi’s next novel, set in Dubai, explores love amid cultural challenges. Beyond her 1000 poems, each a rhythmic masterpiece, she now offers a masterclass empowering aspiring writers. Her Instagram magnetizes poets and authors worldwide, erasing borders through the universal language of her soul-stirring words. Shuchi Batra unites hearts over the shared love of storytelling.

Aaditya Sengupta Dhar

Aaditya Sengupta Dhar is like many other 15-year-olds. He loves Cricket and is fascinated by technology, specifically AI, something he is immersed in through courses and projects. However, he is also a published author of five books, aiming to make a difference in causes he is passionate about through his books.  Aaditya’s latest novel, Kaalchakra, published by Anecdote Publishing, is a fantasy adventure that aims to connect modern Indian teens with their rich mythology and heritage. He says, “While it’s great to live in a globalized world, we shouldn’t be ignorant of our roots”. He read the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Shiv Purana, Upanishads, and other works to educate himself, and says, “I was amazed at the richness of the stories and underlying values that make up our culture, with its message of tolerance, inclusiveness, and role models to look up to.” He combined what he learned with his creativity and storytelling to produce Kaalchakra.

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