NO DRUGS CAMPAIGN aims to create a drug-free India by engaging over 3000 students in Surat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], January 27: Despite being the world’s most prosperous youth nation, drug abuse affects a significant portion of the youth in many states, including Gujarat. Invincible NGO is organizing a campaign involving a team of 25 youths covering 1100 kilometers through cycling and biking from January 17 to January 26. This initiative will spread awareness about the negative impact of drugs in 12 major cities, reaching out to over 75,000 students in 80 schools and colleges.

The ‘No Drugs Campaign’ team reached Surat and with the Social Army Trust team and Surat SOG group organised seminars on J. B. Carp, Ashadeep School, ABC School, Nalanda 1, Vivek Vidhyalay, Sharda Vidhya mandir, J.Z. Shah college, Navyug college, Tapi college, K. P. College, Tapovan school and Dr. SS Gandhi engineer college, p.p.savani school, red and white institute on January 23-24 involving more than 3000 students. Moreover, the team organized a Biking rally in which the Surat SOG group and 40 plus bikers participated to sensitize the people of Surat City which started at 6:30 pm from Anuvrat Dwar.

In the upcoming days, the team will visit Bharuch, Vadodara and lastly, Ahmedabad ending the ride.