Innovate, Inspire, Impact: Top 10 Indian Enterprises Redefining Success in 2023

New Delhi (India), December 20: Across India, fresh threads of innovation are being woven into the nation’s entrepreneurial tapestry. Fueled by passion and purpose, the Top 10 emerging businesses are making a tangible difference in 2023. From tackling healthcare in remote villages to empowering farmers through technology, these ventures aren’t just building their success stories but redefining what it means to do business in India.

Delve into these social impact startups whose dedication to progress transforms lives and communities across the nation’s diverse domains.

  1. Print My Tee

Print My Tee, founded by Supreet Mangsule from Warananagar, a small town in the Kolhapur District of Maharashtra,  offers a unique platform for custom apparel. From corporate teams seeking branded attire to friends celebrating special moments, the venture caters to the diverse customization needs of various individuals, groups, and businesses seeking a touch of uniqueness in their attire.

From comfy hoodies to classic tees, they offer extensive clothing options. They are committed to quality and customer satisfaction. No more settling for bland, mass-produced garments – here, you’re your wardrobe designer. The magic lies in the customization techniques – screen printing, embroidery, and even puff printing. 

Print My Tee is dedicated to empowering people to design their wardrobes, encouraging a sense of uniqueness, and leaving an unforgettable mark on India’s fashion canvas. With Print My Tee You can even customise one single T-shirt. It ensures that your vision becomes a wearable reality.

2. YoloO Life 

Based in the lap of The Greater Himalaya in Manali YoloO Life emerges as a leader in experiential and transformational travel. Mountaineerz Leisure and Adventure Pvt Ltd, with 12+ years of B2B success, spearheads this B2C venture. Parminder Sandhu, who grew up in the Andaman Islands, founded Mountaineerz with a vision for mindful and responsible travel. YoloO Life, launched last year, focuses on personalized adventures, promoting the ‘Mindful Travelers Guild’ with 2500+ members.

The team, led by Parminder, Aakaash Asthana, and Nidhi Sharma, sets a new standard in community-building. Their unique eco-lodges, nature cafes, and adopted remote villages exemplify sustainability. ‘Vanvaas’ in Soil Village, a forest haven, invites guests to harvest, indulge in forest bathing, and connect with nature. In Sethan Village, ‘The Wilderness Lodge’ is a popular offbeat haven.

YoloO Life’s expansion includes Spiti, Lahaul, and Zanskar base camps, leveraging their reliable network. YoloO Life invites seekers and wanderlusters to a wild, heart-singing journey—home for those craving more than the ordinary.

3. Aayuvedic 

Embark on a transformative journey with Aayuvedic, founded by Gaurav Talan, a trusted name in Ayurveda with over six years of expertise. Their natural solutions, encapsulated in premium tablets, have transformed lives, addressing diverse health challenges from pigmentation to diabetes.

Aayuvedic stands out for its commitment to personalized treatments, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s body. The brand challenges the norm with the question, “Why 1 Same Solution for All?” This mantra reflects their belief in tailoring solutions to meet individual needs.

The brand’s success stories highlight real people achieving significant milestones, showcasing the genuine impact of Aayuvedic’s natural solutions. Step into a world where tradition meets expertise with Aayuvedic, your trusted Ayurvedic partner.

Whether achieving significant weight loss or overcoming pigmentation problems, individuals testify to the effectiveness of Aayuvedic’s natural solutions. Aayuvedic fosters a supportive community, defining itself as a partner in holistic well-being. Celebrate the journey and celebrate holistic well-being with Aayuvedic.

4. Lantrn Marketing

Lantrn Marketing, a leading end-to-end digital marketing company, is carving its niche in the competitive advertising domain. Lantrn aspires to be a global player specialising in performance marketing by catering to diverse industry needs. The company boasts a unique selling proposition (USP) – the ability to serve every sector comprehensively.

Addressing business owners seeking growth, Lantrn offers a one-stop solution for digital marketing needs, spanning lead generation to brand awareness. With a successful track record of over three years and collaborations with 170+ brands, Lantrn’s standout achievement involves generating a remarkable 10x+ revenue for a construction client. Through strategic lead generation ads, the client achieved sales of 18 crore rupees after an initial investment of 2.5 lakhs per month for four months.

Demonstrating versatility, Lantrn also enhanced a resort’s Instagram reach by 800% in one month. The agency’s proven systems and funnels ensure that clients meet their goals. Prospective clients are urged to recognise Lantrn as a dynamic, full-service marketing agency committed to amplifying brand presence and revenue.

5. Dishah Consultants

Dishah Consultants is a prominent leader in corporate sales, soft skills training, and leadership development. Spearheaded by Mr. Amit Sharma, a six-time recipient of the Best Sales Trainer in India award. With over 17 years of B2B and B2C sales experience, Amit Sharma has trained 150,000+ sales professionals across 650+ corporations, holding esteemed senior leadership positions.

With a PAN India presence and a diverse team of 30+ trainers from various backgrounds, Dishah Consultants offers personalized, performance-driven programs tailored to unique organizational needs, ensuring optimal outcomes. Their multilingual training approach promotes inclusivity, resonating across diverse audiences.

Emphasizing personal branding, emotional intelligence, storytelling, and social selling, Dishah Consultants has built a strong brand presence. Their success lies in adaptive learning, market-centric strategies, and consistent value delivery.

For seamless integration and continuous support, Dishah Consultants assists CEOs/VPs in Sales and Marketing, L&D Heads, and HR Heads through comprehensive corporate training services.

For more information about Dishah Consultants, please visit 

6. PRERNA Social Development & Welfare Society

Dr Palvinder Singh leads PRERNA Social Development & Welfare Society in its mission to uplift underprivileged communities. With 18 years of rich experience, Dr. Singh is deeply dedicated to societal betterment.

Born in 1968, Dr Singh, a successful businessman, transitioned into social work in 2002, founding PRERNA to address labour-class children’s educational and nutritional needs. Over the years, his initiatives expanded, including establishing creches, shelter homes, and schools, benefiting thousands.

During the COVID-19 crisis, PRERNA distributed food to over 4,00,000 people across India. Dr Singh’s relentless efforts also encompass scholarship programs, vocational training, and skill development, reaching states like Punjab, Rajasthan, and Bihar.

He launched a Scholarship Program in 2016, offering full scholarships to students from class 1st to 8th. He expanded his vision by establishing nine free schools for children up to 10th standard across Punjab. Over 4750 students benefit from his sponsorships, covering educational expenses like stationery and school/college fees. Dr Palvinder Singh’s heart lies in philanthropy, and PRERNA seeks support to sponsor the education of underprivileged children.

7. Calytics Global Pvt Ltd 

Calytics Global Pvt Ltd, born in lively Goa, is changing the game in outdoor advertising. It merges Campaign and Analytics in OOH advertising and believes brands need targeted methods. OOH succeeds with Analytics for outdoor advertising and Audience data measurement.

Every brand needs clear and focused methods to advertise in today’s world. Even though digital ads like Meta and Google took the spotlight, traditional outdoor advertising is going nowhere. We bring technology to outdoor ads, helping media owners monitor things in real-time and manage everything in one place—making it as easy as pie.

A M J Ramaraju, Founder and CEO of Calytics appreciates and thanks the Goa Government and the Startup India Scheme for their support for great tests Calytics has done in Goa. Clients there are already loving what they do. They’ve brought together over 10,000 media sites, including Jio Ads and Unique Advertising. Now, they’re all set to spread their magic across India. Calytics knows what Indian businesses need and are ready to shake up outdoor advertising.

8. The Jolly Kids Pre School 

The Jolly Kids Pre School is one of the best & fastest growing Pre-Nursery Schools in Noida/Greater Noida where Early Childhood Education meets a nurturing home away from home. The school prioritizes a warm, secure environment, ensuring that each child feels loved and encouraged to explore their curiosities. The School has been acknowledged in Top 100 Non-Franchised Preschool of India and also Ranked in Top 10 Preschool of the Year 2023 by Education World India.

The curriculum at TJKPS fosters cognitive, social, and emotional development with a play-based learning approach, making education a joyful experience. Well-trained staff and secure facilities provide peace of mind for parents. Innovative teaching methods, creative arts, and outdoor exploration stimulates imagination. TJKPS embraces technology thoughtfully and integrates eco-friendly practices.

Recognizing each child’s uniqueness, we offer personal attention, allowing the students to progress at their own pace. We understand that the Parent-teacher collaboration is vital and to achieve the same, we have adapted an open communication policy with parents.

Being the best Day Care & Pre School in Delhi&NCR, we provide a home away from home to our children, so that they grow in a free environment, learn to express themselves and find their unique talent & identity in establishing themselves as proud citizen of our “Glorious Hindustaan.”

9. Abhinav Juniors School 

Abhinav Juniors School in Rohini, Delhi, excels in providing quality education for children. Focused on holistic development, the school blends traditional values with 21st-century learning through a transdisciplinary approach. 

These early years are crucial for a child’s growth at Abhinav Juniors School in Rohini, Delhi. Recognised as the RightStart Preschool by the Early Childhood Association of India, Abhinav Juniors is also acknowledged as a Top 50 Non-Franchised Preschool in Asia and the Preschool of the Year 2019 by Global Guru’s Conclave. Mr. Harshit Bansal, the school’s Managing Director, brings a decade of visionary leadership in early childhood education.

Their commitment is to create a nurturing environment, fostering growth through innovative teaching methods. Thanks to their dedicated, skilled teachers who excel in every aspect, Abhinav Juniors prioritises individual attention.

Mission Statement of Abhinav Juniors School :

To educate all students to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them to become productive, responsible, ethical, creative and compassionate members of society.

10. Lurna 

Lurna is India’s leading AI training institute mentored by PhDs in AI from top Indian IITs & Research labs like Carnegie Mellon University, USA and ETH, Zurich and AI researchers from companies like Sony Research, Honda Research, Google, Amazon, and Sapients. Their courses are especially designed right from school to professional level courses along with their own proprietary AI products and tools. Authentic AI trainers are rare, due to shortage in AI professionals. Most AI courses in the industry are teaching data science & AI tool usage instead of actual AI. AI is a very deep subject, only actual AI experts can simplify the complex concepts. At Lurna, AI scientists teach the actual concepts of AI using their proprietary teaching methodology, SLAG. SLAG stands for Simplified Logical Analytical Gamified. Since the panel of trainers at Lurna are all AI scientists they know the latest developments in the field and would incorporate that into the lessons. They developed a simplified methodology of teaching for the understanding of young students with no background of coding. AI is nothing but a complex series of logics. Lurna aims to teach the AI module with an analytical curriculum using references of existing school and college curriculum. Lurna scientists developed a gamified teaching methodology with proprietary tools built in-house for an interactive experience with AI. The core success of Lurna stands with the associated students who are not only learning effective usage of AI products like Chat GPT, but the creation of their own AI products.

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