GenWorks Organized “Prevent the Preventable” For Raising Cervical Health Awareness

GenWorks Health organized a round table discussion titled “Prevent the Preventable” on 16th January 2024 to raise sensitization on the importance of cervical health problems for changing the face of female healthcare in India for the better.

New Delhi (India), January 25: Cervical health is a critical aspect of overall well-being and raising awareness about the importance of regular screenings is paramount in preventing and detecting potential cervical health issues. To make Cervical Health Awareness Month, GenWorks Health organized a round table discussion on 16th January 2024 called “Prevent the Preventable” for shedding light on cervical health promotion and emphasize the significance of utilizing advanced medical solutions for effective screening and treatment. The round table discussion was led by experts who spoke about how routing check-ups of cervical health is integral to women’s wellness, and how issues such as cervical cancer can have a profound impact if not addressed early. 

The round table discussion titled “Prevent the Preventable” was led by Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar (Medical Director Sainiwas Healthcare, Chairperson Gynaecologic Oncology Committee FOGSI). Other prominent panellists were Dr. Bengia Chirchi (Obstetrics and Gynaecological Associate consultant Rama Krishna Hospital, Itangar, Arunachal Pradesh), Dr. Uma Maheshwari (DGO, Ashok Hospital, Rajapalayam), and Dr. Rukasana Parveen (Consultant, Rahmania Medical Centre, Motihari, Bihar). 

Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar started the discussion by saying how cervical problems are preventable, yet they are still not prevented. She added “Cervical Cancer is the second highest cause of mortality in women accounting for 18.3% of all cancers. It is the highest-scaling disease and is attributed as the cause of one woman losing her life every 8 minutes. As it is preventable, we must make efforts to make regular screenings crucial for women.” Taking the conversation forward, Dr. Uma Maheshwari added “A recent article in Hindu Newspaper few days before states that 1.23 Lakhs of women had their Cervix screened and over 67,000 women died because of the cervical cancer. I work in a small hospital in Rajpalayam, Tamil Nadu, and have discovered the importance of spreading knowledge to women by encouraging them to undergo timely cervical health screenings. It saves many women from developing chronic diseases such as cervical cancer.”

Dr. Kumar said “The high-quality cervical images can be extremely helpful in decreasing the death rate. We encourage women to get their cervix checked with EVA Pro so that any precancerous conditions can be avoided.” Dr. Bengia Chirchi spoke about how she advises patients to undergo screening starting at 30 years of age. She said “I usually encourage women to go for regular screenings after they turn 30 by educating them about CINs (Cervical intraepithelial neoplasia), pre-cancer lesions, and how advanced medical products treat these problems in just one sitting. in my practice, I have used EVA Pro to enable women to benefit from medical products.” 

The round table discussion touched upon the use of cutting-edge medical products including EVA Pro and ThermoGlide, a battery-operated treatment device that treats precancerous lesions using thermal ablation playing a pivotal role in early detection. Dr. Ruksana Parveen said, “Technologies such as EVA Pro have offered higher sensitivity and accuracy ensuring that potential cervical issues are identified in my patients at the earliest possible stage. In my opinion, these products focus on the benefits of bridging the knowledge gap by providing clear and concise information for making informed decisions about cervical health and the available screening options.” 

The panel also spoke about the benefits of thermal ablation over cryotherapy or loop excision to treat women positive for cervical pre-cancer on visual inspection with an acetic acid test. Dr. Priya Ganesh Kumar said, “ThermoGlide is a complete point-of-care precancer cervical treatment device that is both lightweight and portable for treating in just one sitting. We have seen women getting treated with thermal ablation in just one sitting and being healthy post the procedure in a relatively short period with minimal precautions.”

Dr. Uma raised the importance of ThermoGlide by adding “At Rajapalayam, I have seen ThermoGlide enhancing the physician-patient experience to treat pre-cancer lesions with minimal side effects. The use of this device does not require anesthetic and the majority of women report almost no discomfort. In my opinion, the use of ThermoGlide promotes advanced medical innovation and all physicians must promote cervical health with the use of ThermoGlide.” Dr. Bengia and Dr. Parveen also shared their experiences with ThermoGlide and how the device helps in using heat to decimate tissues for rapid cervical ablation. The panel also shared that thermo-coagulation offers shorter treatment times as compared to cryotherapy with minimal pain and downtime.”

By hosting the “Prevent the Preventable” round table discussion, GenWorks made an increasing number of women aware of and embrace the importance of cervical health promotion. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks said “The round table discussion “Prevent the Preventable” was an effort of GenWorks to stress the importance of adopting advanced medical products for screenings. By educating women and healthcare professionals, this round table discussion fostered collaboration between healthcare professionals and GenWorks by collectively working towards a healthier future where cervical health is a priority for all.” 

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