Expert Neurosurgeon Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney performs awake brain surgery to give a new lease of life to a 34-year-old woman with a brain tumor

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], March 1: In yet another successful life-saving neurosurgery, Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney gives a new lease of life to a 34-year-old young woman. Dr. Gurneet is a leading neurosurgeon in Mumbai and a senior consultant of brain and spine at the Fortis Hospital, Mumbai. He is also available for private consultation at his private clinic – Neurolife Brain and Spine Clinic, Mulund, Mumbai.

Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney is well-appreciated and has received many recognition awards, for instance, the Top Neurosurgeons in Mumbai by India Today Magazine, September 2020 and The Most Promising Neurosurgeon in Maharashtra by Times CyberMedia International Leadership Awards, 2016,

Ms Vishaka Goyal, co-founder of ClinicSpots, a leading healthcare portal, states, “Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney is one of the most emphatic neurosurgeons I have come across. He is an expert in neurosurgery with expertise in minimally invasive surgeries. He is one of those rare doctors with multilingual diversity and a patient-centric approach that make him an excellent healthcare professional. He is undoubtedly one of the best neurosurgeons in Mumbai.”

As mentioned earlier, his expertise in neurosurgery is commendable since he has saved many lives by performing critical and challenging surgeries with great precision and dedication. He shares a case study of successfully treating a 34 year-old-woman who experienced a seizure at the office party on account of brightly flashing disco lights. The patient consulted Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney for further treatment and resolution of her condition.

The in-depth examination and MRI scan revealed that she had developed a large tumour in the speech area and the area that controls the movement of the hand and the face of the patient. It was a very challenging case. Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney recommended an awake brain surgery to remove the tumour. Most neurosurgeons recommend tumor removal as the first and the most critical step during their treatment. Unfortunately, the tumour’s location in the speech area was worrisome, and any surgical error could cause disability in the patient.

After the patient consented to the surgery, Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney’s team proceeded with the operation. They carefully performed intraoperative neuromapping. They also asked her to identify the pictures and count numbers to map and evaluate the functioning of these critical areas. On triggering the speech area, it was localised accurately. Once they identified the speech area, Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney was extra careful in removing the tumour without damaging that area. Any damage to the speech area would mean the patient would be mute for the rest of her life. The awake brain surgery was a success, and the patient recovered well. Today, she is normal and healthy.

Awake brain surgery, also known as awake craniotomy is a neurosurgery performed on the brain while the patient is awake. The patient can converse with the operating team during the surgery. This procedure is preferred to remove tumours and treat epilepsy. The main advantage of awake brain surgery is that it allows the neurosurgeon to remove the tumor as much as possible without harming neurological functioning. Though the awake craniotomy procedure may sound fearful it is not so fearful. It is necessary to counsel and guide the patient in a simple yet detailed manner on how the surgery procedure and how they expect the patient to respond during the procedure. Hence, such patients should choose an expert and experienced neurosurgeon with prior experience in performing awake brain surgeries for the best possible outcomes.

About Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney

Dr. Gurneet Singh Sawhney is a leading neurosurgeon par excellence. He is known for his expertise in performing complex neurosurgical and neurotrauma procedures, including brain surgery, brain tumor surgery, spine surgery, epilepsy surgery, deep brain stimulation surgery (DBS), Parkinson’s treatment, and seizure treatment. He is a patient-centric doctor who can converse in nearly ten languages and can put most of his patients at ease. They can relate well with him and trust him to recover fully from their illness.

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